October Update

It has been six months since my last update. That’s practically a million years in the blogosphere. Has anybody been wondering what is happening with the feature film? Following with bated breath and being disappointed with the lack of news? My apologies to those of you who were hoping for more communication about the process. I am not as plugged in as I once was!

Well, the last time I posted there were expectations in place that we would finish in time for spring festival deadlines. Despite a great push, we were unable to complete the work in time for submission to festivals. Work then slowed during the summer months but, happily, autumn has seen the process continuing with increased commitment. We are facing a contractual deadline to finish by December 31st, as per an agreement  with the Yukon Film and Sound Commission, one of our funders. I am currently living overseas, which makes working with our collaborators back in Canada more challenging but email makes it possible and we are all persevering!

In the next 8 weeks Riki Richter will endeavour to complete the sound edit and design, which will be complemented by Daniel Janke’s original and evocative score. Andrew Sharp is in the process of creating handwritten titles and multi-disciplinary artist Jess MacDaniel has just come on board to finish up all the remaining bits and pieces and sew it all together.
Please keep us all in your good thoughts as we move toward what will undoubtedly be a rough-and-tumble piece of creative expression and, hopefully, a meaningful community art project!
And a really big shout-out goes to Community Cable 9, Yukon Film Society, Yukon Film and Sound Commission and Marj Eschak – Coldwell Banker for the enormous support they have all provided on the project.

Thanks to you, too, for supporting and following the project.

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2 Responses to October Update

  1. Iris M. says:

    Thanks for updating us, Celia! Congrats on the talented team you have pulled together!

    Can’t wait to see the film.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Iris! It is amazing how many people have given their talents to this project.

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