It Is Accomplished!

Twenty years after writing the play at the National Theatre School of Canada and hearing an actor say, “This would make a great film”, twelve years after writing the first draft of the screenplay, eight years after producing the short film to gain experience in filmmaking, five years after an intense development period that included Telefilm Canada granting us production funding and then taking it away, and two years after shooting the film in 15 days with a brave cast of local actors, a devoted crew of 3 and supportive community of hundreds, the little movie that refused to go down without a fight has been completed.
A true Yukon angel came on board at the 11th hour and helped me complete the film from England, where I have been since September 1st. Michael Vernon, an experienced filmmaker in his own right, helped me enormously by managing the project from Whitehorse and overseeing all the finishing pieces. I will be forever grateful to him for his work in this capacity. It is the reason the film got done by our December 31st deadline.
I am excited to announce that the film will screen at the Available Light Film Festival on Saturday, February 14th at 10 am and I hope those of you who live in the Yukon will come for the screening to share in the community experience.
I am in England until the end of February so, ironically, I will not be at the screening in person. However, the Yukon Film Society is arranging a Skype Q&A after the film is over so I will be there electronically. And, of course, I will be there in spirit.
My deepest thanks go out to all of you and to all the major funders: Community Cable 9, The Yukon Film Society, The Yukon Film & Sound Commission, and Marj Eschak – Coldwell Banker.
See you at the screening!
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2 Responses to It Is Accomplished!

  1. Erin McMullan says:

    Congratulations Celia! It was so much fun to work on and remember what filmmaking with heart can be. I’m in Kamloops so won’t get to see the screening but hopefully the film will travel elsewhere? Erin

  2. admin says:

    I hope the film will have a life elsewhere, Erin. We shall see what unfolds. It would be great for you to see it in Kamloops! Thanks again for being a part of the project.

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