Festivals and TV and Vimeo, Oh My!

Well, folks, so far, this wee project has not managed to get in to any festivals outside of the Great White North. Here is a sample of one of the rejection letters I have received: “Our festival received a record number of submissions in 2015 and we’ve had to turn down a great number of films that we’ve admired…” There are certainly a lot of people making films out there! Between 1200 and 3500 submissions depending on the festival.

I’m disappointed, of course, and yet I understand the competition is fierce. I love the film and I continue to be incredibly thankful to all those who gave their hearts and souls to get it made. If the movie doesn’t have a festival life it will still be seen by other methods of distribution.

Community Cable 9 is one of our major sponsors and they ran the film for a couple of weeks in September, both Whitehorse and Yellowknife, and they will schedule it again in the future.

And you can now rent or buy the movie on Vimeo On Demand, which means it is out in the world and available for anyone interested in this humble story of one gal’s journey from shame to self-acceptance.

Thanks for watching!

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