Viewer Response

“Two Thumbs Up.”

“Love this film! Worth seeing more than once!”

“This film deserves distribution.”

“This is an exceptionally honest, well-crafted film!”

“This film was believable and real. Its actors transported me.”

“This film is powerful, and deserving of greater recognition.”

“This is a great film about tragedy and grief and redemption.”

“It is refreshing and real, human and emotionally potent.”

“Insightful, real, a talented actress and a great script!!”

“Finding redemption of the past isn’t easy – why life is hard.”

“Very moving film. Great acting. Definitely two thumbs up.”

“A powerful story of redemption.”

“A journey into a journey deep within. Took me with it.”

“Believable cast. Beautiful cinematography. Touching story.”

“Maybe unbelief opens the path to Bhuddi.”

“And engaging and delightful film. Congrats to all.”

“An inspiring performance by Claire Ness.”

“Everyone did an awesome job on this ultra-low-budget feature.”

“Wonderful movie that speaks of the trauma that becomes embodied in our bodies. Wonderful pictures from the North. It is a tribute to the MMIW – and how quickly things happen that brings so much sorrow and grief.”

“I don’t know what to say, because I am still in the fire and the words haven’t been forged yet.  This film has moved deep within me.  Beautiful.”

“The film was raw, real, painful, sensual and lovely. The photography was just right, as was the music. It was exciting to see Whitehorse, of course, and breathtaking to see some of that surrounding scenery. More importantly for me, though, the issues around grief, alcohol, sexuality, relationships, regret and self-forgiveness have all been relevant in my life lately, so there was a lot there that connected with me. In short, WOW. What a gift.”